yes and no.

I am talking about your routers wireless security. the one you use at home, so you can have wireless throughout the house and browse online using your laptop.

there are several methods to secure wireless on home router.

WEP- it stands for wireless equivalent privacy

and more advanced

WPA and WPA2 (both of which I recommend)

Without getting to technical I will state, that WEP protection on your router is easiest to crack. It can be done within minutes, sometimes a little longer. WEP cracking or intrusive software is readily available for everyone to use, therefore if you have WEP encrypted password set up, you must change it ASAP. because someone may be using your internet as we speak! 🙂

WPA and better yet WPA2 uses better encryption method and is also possible to hack, but it takes much longer and its more complicated! I personally know a guy, who knows a guy who tried to do it, and it was pretty tough with no exceptional results. so I can vouch it is much safer than WEP.

This is not such a big deal after all. not too much harm can be done if they use your internet. Besides the fact if intruder will be downloading or uploading something, your internet will become slow.

To prevent, you can always log into your router and check how many computers are logged in. Make sure they are all yours and if you see any suspicious machines connected you can always ban them.

Happy surfing!

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