Toshiba infected with system restoreThis 19 inch toshiba Satellite p505 laptop got infected with a nowadays very common spyware called “System Restore”. This is in fact the second case I have cleaned in the period of 10 days and I tell you it is pretty nasty to remove.

System Restore virus is pretty easy to notice. it looks like a very legit computer diagnostic panel. Advising you to scan your computer for strange activity and troubleshoot different computer components.

This is what it looks like:

system_restore However this is all fake and by the time you get it it has already downloaded a bunch of real viruses and planted them into your pc.

The main features of this system restore is :

-it is self protective. it will not allow you to execute or install any antivirus programs

– it will not allow you to execute control +alt+delete to to get to the task manager so you can terminate the malware processes.

So this case was not the nicest I have ever had. I had to go back to the customer after I returned the computer first time and clean it again. First time I cleaned it. scanned it 3 times with by far best malware tools and antivirus tools, but still didn’t clean it well enough. To the point where I didnt even notice. Only my customer did when she went to use one of her programs and it started acting strangely. She called I went over and saw that there was still some malware on the pc left over.

On top of that this software also offers you to purchase something that will supposedly clean your computer in return. Be aware of that. this client has purchased this “special software” and it didnt clean anything. I had to call them and have them put money back on customers card. This is how they trick you. they infect your computer with spyware and then they sell you some software which is legit and you think you buy real deal, but you don’t. you buy something totally different. And when you call to complain they return your money. But many people don’t. they just let it go. The guy on the other line made it sound like he went to the manager to get approval for refund, but I heard he never went anywhere he just sat there and dragged some time so it looks legit. however it is not.

so be aware of this. protect yourself and always be conscious of what you’re opening in your emails where online you are browsing and always have good internet security on your pc. I recommend Kaspersky you can get it by clicking here get kaspersky

And if you get infected call us at 877-938-8777  anytime we will be on our way to help you! at overnight pc repair all the computers are fixed in less than 24 hours guaranteed!!!