Sony VAIO VGN-S460 wg511tSo this Sony Vaio VGN-S460 laptop is nice and neat and still holding some solid power with 1GB of RAM and 160GB of HDD. which for a little older laptop is still pretty nice. Running on windows XP professional it is still promising long years of operation.

The two problems it had were related to wireless adapters in the computer. There were two and both of them were not connecting to any wireless router giving limited access error or not connecting at all.

First adapter was obviously internal Atheros adapter with an updated driver. Second was an external wireless PC card made by Netgear with model WG511T ( I am not sure where you get these if you wanted one nowadays 😉

my first thought was to reinstall both drivers and see what happens. I did. but nothing happened. I could see there is a conflict with the drivers, however they simply wouldn’t listen. So I proposed the next best thing. to back up the data and do the windows reinstall for system. (it was time to do it anyway) computer has been running on it for over 3 years or longer.

couple hours later after I was done, computer was running a bit faster, both wireless adapters were working and connecting especially WG511t. it was getting signal much better and transmitting data faster than internal wireless card.

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