read this if you want to know how to export email addresses from cc field to excel.
you have probably seen one of those emails people sent you where you can see a whole slew of emails in the cc field. its kind of annoying and i dont think its a good thing for peoples privacy reasons, but hey laws are meant to be broken right?
and what if you want to extract emails from that field and put them into your other contact list or export them into excel spreadsheet so you can have them all later in one nice column.
here is how to do it nice a quickly.
I was using excel 2010 for this. have not tried it on other but it should be similar.
here are steps how to export email addresses from cc field to excel:
Step 1: highlight and copy all emails in the cc field
Step 2: open excel spreadsheet a blank one and paste all the emails into one cell in excel spreadsheet.
Step 3: find and hit a button that says text to columns
Step 4: then highlight all row, because all emails will be in separate columns
Step 5: paste special into any cell and go to paste special menu and select Trascode and hit ok.
emails will show up in a column
Step 6: do find command and Replace all ; with blank and all ; on the end of emails will disappear. if they happen to be there.

thats it. very easy.