imac video chip failure  Imac video chip failure symptom can be seen in the picture on the left. if you see this or similar lines or pixelation on your imac or macbook screen. your computer most likely has a failing video chip.

the reason imac video chip failure occurs could be many fold. it could be because video chip was faulty, or it was not properly soldered on the logic board, or also overheating the chip may cause this since the solder points underneath the graphics chip can crackle or lose contact with the logic board. there are many reasons.

thats not important though as one of my mentors always says – Reasons or Results! 🙂 you get the idea. many times in computer repair or in any other situation it is not very important to know how things happen. it is better to focus on how to fix the problem and move on with your life.

so what do you do if you have a imac video chip failure? or same thing appeals to macbook video chip failure. there are few ways to fix this. first is if you have an imac video chip failure you it is not a very big problem because pretty much all Imacs use an external graphics card that plugs into the logic board, as opposed to macbooks where graphics or video chip is soldered on a logic board itself. In case of Imacs you can just replace the graphics chip, (remove old one and put new one in) and imac will be working like new again.

on macbooks video chip failure you can not replace a video chip as easily. on macbooks usual answer with everyone is to replace a logic board and that can get pretty pricey. apple will usually quote you around 700-800 to replace logic board on a macbook pro and if you gonna replace video chip on Imac you are probably looking at 400-600 dollar price tag depending on the video chip your imac uses.

But luckily there is another option!!! and thats why you are here!

Another option is to repair the existing video chip that has failed. we offer this service for a while now. by fixing we actually re-solder the chip back on the logic board and it becomes like new and usually works for long long time with no problems! this is a quick process takes about one or two days max and is way more affordable with the price tag of $275 dollars flat. that way you can still get few years out of your imac or macbook without breaking your bank account and without having to buy 700 dollar logic board from apple!

word of caution – sometimes when you get lines like these on screen it may be due to faulty lcd panel as well. so you gotta test before you make any conclusions. best way to test is to connect your imac or macbook to external monitor. if the imac video chip failure is present you will see same lines on the external monitor as well. if not, then its just your lcd screen. and if you are not sure call us during business hours at 818-532-9333 and our overnight pc repair and mac technicians will help you in no time!

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