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Our Address is:22941 Ventura bl. Woodland Hills, CA

Same Day Pc Computer, Mac or Ipad Repair In Home or Store Call Now 818-532-9333

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Ipad 2 Repair, Ipad 3 Repair in Less than 2 Hours Call now: 818-532-9333

Computer Repair

Pc repair, Macbook repair, iPad repair, iphone repair, Imac repair Call Now 818-532-9333

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Your Computer Fixed In Less Than 24 hours!
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Fastest computer repair (pc and mac) and Ipad repair service guaranteed!

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7 Main Reasons Overnight Pc Repair is greatest computer repair shop in San Fernando Valley:

  1. Saving Your data is our number one priority
  2. Free initial diagnostic in minutes over the phone in 95% of the cases
  3. Great customer service – click here to read past client testimonials
  4. Fast pc repair service – Your computer fixed in less than 24 hours (in 95% of the cases)
  5. Mobile pc repair service available – we come and fix your pc at your place
  6. You smile and become our next happy customer
  7. You receive important computer tips from us in the future


We Currently Offer Following Services:

Complete Desktop and Laptop Repair and Maintenance
Ipad 2 Repair, Ipad 3 Repair
Data Recovery
Mac Repair (Macbook, Macbook pro, Imac, Powerbook)
Virus Removal Services
Networking Services
Cellphone Repair (Iphone4, Iphone4s, Samsung, HTC, Motorola, Nokia)
Ipod Touch Screen Repair
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We currently provide service at:

Our address in San Fernando Valley location: 22941 Ventura bl. Suite G, Woodland Hills, Ca 91364 818-532-9333

You will not find a better, honest, fastest, experienced computer and electronics repair service anywhere in Los Angeles or for the same matter in USA. Our number one priority is your satisfaction that is fixing your computer as if it was ours. so when you get your computer from us, everything will be almost perfect and you will say wow. I dont have computer problems anymore thanks to overnight pc repair!

Guard Your Laptop

December 1st, 2011

There are numerous concerns here. You want to prevent crooks from stealing your laptop. But if it is stolen in spite of your protective measures, you might still want to protect your data–in the sense that you don’t want to misplace it or let the thieves gain access to your personal information. Most importantly, you want to boost the chances of getting it back.

Let’s begin with preventing the stealing in the first place:

When you are outside the house, keep the laptop in a casing that protects it physically but doesn’t look like a laptop casing. A backpack will do just fine. Keep it under your watchful eye or in physical contact at all times. Position it in your lap or between your legs while sitting and not using it.

When you’re at home, protect it with a lock and chain. Most laptops include a security slot for a specially-made lock, and those locks have a chain attached to them, which you can put around dining tables or other unmovable objects. Kensington and both offer a variety of chains and locks.

When you are staying at a hotel, take the laptop with you everywhere you go. Or, if there is a safe in your room, place it there. If neither one of the solutions work, ask the manager at the front desk to place it in the hotel’s safe. And if that is not an option, use the lock and chain.

Protecting Your Data
The most carefully-protected laptops may be stolen too, so you must guard your data. The majority of your files will be of no use to the criminals, but if there is something you don’t want them to get a hold of (bank statements, corporate secrets, letters of transit), encrypt it. See Avoid Windows Encryption for instructions on how to do this.

You may not want to provide criminals access to your records, but neither do you want to lose it. So maintain an up-to-date backup of your data–and a backup to your internal hard drive doesn’t make sense. If you backup to an external hard drive, keep it someplace other than your laptop case. In fact, when you are outside, leave the backup drive at home, and use a flash drive to carry copies of the files you’ll need on the outing.

You can also backup online with a service like Mozy. (at

If your laptop is stolen, there’s a pretty good chance that you’ll never see it again. But noting down your model and serial numbers (they’re probably on a plate or sticker on the bottom of the laptop) increases the odds that you will. Two programs, Absolute Software and Tometa Software offer software/service combinations that may raise the odds even more. These hidden programs installed on your machine will report the laptop’s physical location (or at least its IP address) when the Internet is accessed by the laptop. This information can assist you in tracking down your stolen PC easily.

your computer fixed in less than 24 hours at professional computer repair shop in los angeles call us now at 818-532-9333

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