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August 4, 2015 @ 9:38 pm
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macbook air adware is very common. and you can do yourself a favor by forgetting a myth that macs dont get viruses. this is not true anymore. or if it is only partially. because mac os itself doesnt really get viruses you can be sure of that. However all the browsers in the macs do. And since we rely on our browsers so much nowadays it could be a big problem.

macbook air adware cleaning

macbook air adware cleaning

When mac browsers get hijacked with adware it is really no joke. because a mac user can not do anything sometimes except of force quit browser or even restart a computer. and if not that bad then ones has to deal with millions of ads or browser redirects that adware creates.

this is so common now that I recommend everyone to have internet security on their macbooks, imacs and mac pros so they are protected from macbook air adware infections. best security we recommend of course is Kaspersky internet security for Mac. feel free to stop by and we will install it for you on your macbook so you are free from adware.

July 30, 2015 @ 6:03 pm
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if you see similar lines on macbook pro screen it is most likely due to a faulty graphics chip or also called video chip. this problem many times occurs due to age of the computer or many times due to overheating of video chip. this is just one of the symptoms of the failing chip. sometimes macbook pro may not even start. or start without anything on the screen. its kind of tricky to diagnose, but after you test other components like hard drive and memory and if youre still getting lines, especially when computer connected to the external monitor, then its definitely graphics chip failure.

bring it to overnight pc repair and mac and we will fix it in couple of days for you!

call us at 818-532-9333 or stop by our office at 22941 ventura bl.#G woodland hills, Ca91364

lines and pixelation on macbook pro screen

dd lines and pixelation on macbook pro screen


in this picture you see a samsung Np680z5e laptop. it has a broken lcd cover. now Im not sure how it happened, probably by accident. its really none of my business. my business is to fix it and do it quickly and usually at some affordable rate. unfortunately sometimes that is not possible.

as in this case of samsung np680z5e laptop which has a broken lcd cover – that is the part behind the lcd screen or if you look at the closed laptop – it is the top part that is looking back at you. on most of the laptops even on macbooks it is replaceable part. lcd cover holds the lcd inside and if it breaks you just order it and replace it. sounds and is usually a pretty easy job. not in this case.np680z5e laptop

And I dont necessarily want to say that samsung is the one doing this. in this case they are. Overall though, most of the newer laptops – especially the ones with touchscreen digitizers from hp and dell are not being sold as separate parts anymore. they sell lcd screens as the whole unit and it is very hard to find replacement part for lcd cover only.

however that being said if you have hp laptop or dell, which have a little larger market share – parts for those laptops are usually more readily available on the market and can be found quickly at few touches of the buttons. in case of this samsung np680z5e laptop it was not the case. I looked everywhere to find lcd cover and couldnt find anything. so then i called samsung parts company authorized by samsung and they told me lcd cover on its own was not available. I had to purchase the whole lcd assembly. it was over 450 dollars. which was probably close to what the laptop itself costs.

so you do the math. you want to buy a laptop that is not so popular you risk situations like these. you buy more popular laptops like hp, dell or asus you will have more parts available in case something goes wrong.

for all laptop and desktop repair needs feel free to call us at 818-532-9333 or visit us at 22941 Ventura bl #G, woodland Hills, CA 91364 we are the best at what we do and we do it the quickest!!!

May 1, 2015 @ 4:14 am
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Imac 27 in a1312 ssd installation was not a replacement of existing hard drive. Rather an addition of second hard drive by removing dvd drive and using that bay to install SSD. that way ssd becomes a fast boot drive with operating system on it and the existing hard drive you have as a storage drive.imac 27 inch a1312 ssd installation

this is a nice feature you can have on imac 27 a1312 ssd installation and not only on this model,  but pretty much on any imac that has a dvd drive. at this day and age that would be all models before 2013 models. with a simple bracket as you can see in the image on the right. it replaces dvd drive and then 2.5 inch SSD drive goes right into it. and connects to the logic board via dvd sata connector. its pretty neat and simple.

the advantage of this kind of move of course is loading speed and overall operational speed of the system because solid state (SSD) drives they have much faster write and read rate than most of regular drives. and also you can have a big hard drive as storage which currently is available at 6TB or perhaps even larger drives. with imac like that you can do a lot and do it pretty fast.

and since mac talk woodland hills, ca has closed its doors, the only place in woodland hills and calabasas area you can have this sort of thing done professionally and fast is Overnight Pc Repair and Mac. this job took about 4 hours total. and most of it was because a person had a lot of files that had to be backed up from old drive. otherwise it was done in less than two hours. which is pretty much at the speed of light.

mind you with every job like that you not only get an upgrade on your imac and also you get a basic clean up of fans, which is important on these imacs. those two fans you see often get clogged with dust and that might damage its internal components. so cleaning fans is a must.

January 22, 2015 @ 8:24 am
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this lenovo ideapad yoga 13 dc jack replacement was second one in couple of weeks. apparently they have this dc jack problem where the middle of the jack is not very strong and any simple jerk of the cable can cause this damage. this happened to two of our customer in couple of weeks period.lenovo ideapad yoga 13 dc jack

so we went on to replace dc jack on both of them, however they both had bigger issue than motherboard replacement. motherboards went out on both of them. On first lenovo ideapad yoga 13 dc jack replacement was not successful because there was also trackpad damage and also the battery was no longer recognized. we learned that only when we ordered new replacement motherboard for it.

on second one, other components seemed ok, but motherboard was not. so be careful if you break this dc jack on lenovo ideapad yoga 13. bring it for repair right away don’t wait and don’t try to plug the adapter into broken jack, because you may damage your motherboard permanently. and then no dc jack replacement will help!!! cheers!



December 24, 2014 @ 6:03 am
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Number one enemy of imacs is something not a lot of people ever think about! some people have more of it, some less. depending on where you live and many times how clean your house is. Also it depends if you have animals and whether you keep your windows open often.  Below photos were taken today when 27 inch imac came in for a power button repair. but after opening we saw this. So as you might have guessed by looking at the pictures. Number one enemy of imacs is dust.

Dust is small particles of matter flying in the air in everyone’s homes and outside in the open. and if you understand a little bit about computers it will make total sense why this happens. imac dust fan

Imacs and macbook pros, as well as all other computers have electronic components that calculate different combinations of numbers all the time. Depending on how big the load of calculations is or frequency, components produce different amounts of heat. therefore to prevent overheating and eventually burning those components – imacs, macbook pros, and all other computers come equipped with cooling devices. most of the time cooling devices happen to be be fans. but there are also many others. FullSizeRender_1

and the way fans work is simple. they pull cool air from outside of the computer and push the hot air out of the computer. therefore there is always airflow and hot air gets out of imac as quick as possible in order to keep things cool.

so if you live in dusty environment, it is very common to see images like these. where fans are clogged with dust and they have thick dust build up on them. What does that mean you ask?

it means the fans get clogged and can not work properly. their blades get less efficient in pushing air through. that means more and more hot air stays inside the computer and things always get warmer and at some point even start overheating. this can cause damage to internal components or even burn CPU or other parts on the logic board. and it might cost an arm and a leg to fix them.

Thats why you have to do maintenance on imacs especially. because they are more compact and the airflow is pretty limited. Imacs really should be serviced at least once a year to blow out all dust and clean the fans so they run properly and keep your imac at normal temperatures.

where can you get this done you may ask?! well you can call 818-532-9333 and reach fastest No-BS – pc-Imac-Ipad-Iphone repair place in woodland hills. Where job like this is piece of cake and takes only one hour. it will refresh your imac and number one enemy of imacs will be gone!

if you live in more dusty environment or have animals, you might have to do it more often like every 6 months. this is like changing oil on your car. its worth the money for the long run. so call us or stop by at 22941 Ventura bl. #G, Woodland Hills, Ca 91364 or 199 w. Hillcrest dr. #W9, Thousand Oaks, Ca 91360 and we will help you right away!!!

happy holidays!

imac video chip failure  Imac video chip failure symptom can be seen in the picture on the left. if you see this or similar lines or pixelation on your imac or macbook screen. your computer most likely has a failing video chip.

the reason imac video chip failure occurs could be many fold. it could be because video chip was faulty, or it was not properly soldered on the logic board, or also overheating the chip may cause this since the solder points underneath the graphics chip can crackle or lose contact with the logic board. there are many reasons.

thats not important though as one of my mentors always says – Reasons or Results! 🙂 you get the idea. many times in computer repair or in any other situation it is not very important to know how things happen. it is better to focus on how to fix the problem and move on with your life.

so what do you do if you have a imac video chip failure? or same thing appeals to macbook video chip failure. there are few ways to fix this. first is if you have an imac video chip failure you it is not a very big problem because pretty much all Imacs use an external graphics card that plugs into the logic board, as opposed to macbooks where graphics or video chip is soldered on a logic board itself. In case of Imacs you can just replace the graphics chip, (remove old one and put new one in) and imac will be working like new again.

on macbooks video chip failure you can not replace a video chip as easily. on macbooks usual answer with everyone is to replace a logic board and that can get pretty pricey. apple will usually quote you around 700-800 to replace logic board on a macbook pro and if you gonna replace video chip on Imac you are probably looking at 400-600 dollar price tag depending on the video chip your imac uses.

But luckily there is another option!!! and thats why you are here!

Another option is to repair the existing video chip that has failed. we offer this service for a while now. by fixing we actually re-solder the chip back on the logic board and it becomes like new and usually works for long long time with no problems! this is a quick process takes about one or two days max and is way more affordable with the price tag of $275 dollars flat. that way you can still get few years out of your imac or macbook without breaking your bank account and without having to buy 700 dollar logic board from apple!

word of caution – sometimes when you get lines like these on screen it may be due to faulty lcd panel as well. so you gotta test before you make any conclusions. best way to test is to connect your imac or macbook to external monitor. if the imac video chip failure is present you will see same lines on the external monitor as well. if not, then its just your lcd screen. and if you are not sure call us during business hours at 818-532-9333 and our overnight pc repair and mac technicians will help you in no time!

you can also stop by our store we currently service two locations at 22941 Ventura bl. #G woodland hills, Ca 91364 and 199 w. Hillcrest dr #W9, Thousand Oaks, CA 91360.

Check our reviews at

merry Christmas and happy holidays!


December 22, 2014 @ 6:12 am
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AVbytes virus removalThis laptop was infected with AV Bytes virus that took over the computer. One could try to close it, but with no luck at all. you can do control alt delete, but it doesnt work. these type of viruses called ransom viruses – infect your computer and sort of hold it hostage forcing you to buy their software. Software is probably bogus and will not remove anything. it is a nothing but a scam. Av bytes virus is just a variation of the whole group of these kind of malware, that on first hand looks like a legit program. sometimes it looks like its a microsoft program, sometimes it looks like real antivirus program. so people get confused and some of them buy it. it is a mistake though. you will never see your money back (most likely) and your computer will still be infected with malware.

There is not much you can do to clean it from normal windows environment. because i mentioned before Av bytes virus blocks everythinng on the computer and wont allow you to install or run any applications. so work around is usually safe mode. you can boot your computer in safe mode and then try to clean it out. but in some cases these rogue viruses block computer in safe mode as well. FBI virus does that very often.

if computer is also blocked in safe mode, you must bring out bigger guns, like an antivirus on a bootable disk or try some other methods – even try removing it manually. if nothing works you know what to do – pickup the phone and call 818-532-9333 the 100% fastest- no BS – pc-mac-ipad-iphone repair in town – Overnight Pc Repair.

or simply stop by our store at 22941 Ventura bl.#G Woodland Hills, CA 91364 and we will clean the av bytes virus from your computer in no time. also we will clean out all the adware from your computer. if you got av bytes virus you probably have adware as well.

December 19, 2014 @ 6:32 am
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asus a54c Dc jack power jack repairThis Asus A54C dc jack repair, because it stopped charging. In cases like these, you always want to test it with another adapter. To make sure the adapter is not the cause for not charging. Owner of this asus A54c from thousand oaks was able to do that. he got another charger from a friend, plugged it in and still no charging. the laptop was working ok on the battery.

So problem was obvious. asus a54c Dc jack was broken. this asus A54c is not much different from all Asus laptops and many of them have the same issue. most of Asus laptop power jacks are mounted on the motherboard itself. they do not plug in with the cable. therefore if you notice movement or looseness inside the jack when charger is plugged in, that might indicate your dc jack is getting bad.

Eventually what happens is little leg on the back of the jack snaps off and the electric current (positive) can not reach its destination on the motherboard. And thats when dc jack needs to be replaced.

this Asus a54C dc jack repair took about 2.5 hours. we carry these jacks in stock to provide speedy service, so you don’t have to wait on your laptop forever (like in other stores). so come to us if you want your laptop fixed very fast by real computer repair professionals!!! we are the best! please read our reviews on yelp at :

also call us if you have any pc repair or mac repair questions – they are always answered free over the phone.

call us at 818-532-9333 or visit us at our two locations:

22941 Ventura bl #G, In woodland Hills, CA 91364 or

199 w. Hillcrest dr. #w9, Thousand Oaks, Ca 91360


September 27, 2014 @ 6:22 am
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Recently we had a customer whos imac would not show Yahoo videos in Safari browser. Everything else was working ok. same video would show in chrome browser and other browsers as well. However in safari video would start loading and then it would turn black.

first things we tried was to clean computer up a bit by doing disk permissions repair in disk utility as well as verifying the disk itself, as well as partition on the hard drive. this is good practice for anyone and it helps solve many problems that mac os gets.

This didn’t help though – safari still would not show yahoo videos. Then we tried disabling safari plugins by going into preferences. it appeared there were no plugins enabled. then we tried to reset the browser by selecting reset browser option. that did not help either.

Finally we emptied the cache and voila! yahoo videos started playing in safari like they supposed to. 🙂

persistence is the key in computer repair. don’t give up until you find a solution and thats what makes us at overnight pc repair great! we solve 99% of computer problems we get in contact with.

so if you experience any problems with your pc or mac call us at 818-532-9333 or stop by at our store at 22941 Ventura bl. #G, woodland Hills, CA 91364