This Sony Vaio all in one pc computer is kinda neat.  It reminds me of Imac if anything. It has a core duo processor, 2GB of RAM, 320GB hard drive and is running windows vista operating system.

sony vaio all in one pc

sony vaio all in one pc


It was booting up ok, everything seemed to be fine at first, however after starting computer would be very very slow – a very common problem many computers have.

There are couple of things here:

1. I always ask how old is your operating system. See windows is such a beast that likes to be taken care of regularly. its like your bathroom. if you don’t take care of it and clean it up every now and then, it can get pretty ugly 🙂 but lets not go there for a moment, lets focus on Microsoft Windows 🙂

So windows if not taken care of properly, will get clogged up, overloaded, over crowded and work very slowly giving you constant problems along the way. Therefore given the fact that many people dont’ know how or simply don’t keep their windows cleaned up gives me quite an indication of why it could be slow.

If a person says, last time windows was installed fresh is 2 years and its slow. I pretty much know why that is. its simple.

2. is related to number 1. and is the fact that different software programs you install on your pc. They also install what I call “little boogers” – software update programs that start every time your computer boots up, when you turn it on. they are usually visible in the right hand bottom corner of the screen next to the clock. Thus, if you have many of the little icons there everytime your pc is on. It means many of those little programs are running in the background, draining your RAM memory. so next thing is to go and turn them off.  you can do it either through regedit, or msconfig commands in windows. how to do that I will explain next time in a separate post.

to end: windows on this computer was reinstalled and pc was working flawlessly. Customer was very happy as usual! great job overnightpcrepair!

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