August 4, 2015 @ 9:38 pm
posted by admin

macbook air adware is very common. and you can do yourself a favor by forgetting a myth that macs dont get viruses. this is not true anymore. or if it is only partially. because mac os itself doesnt really get viruses you can be sure of that. However all the browsers in the macs do. And since we rely on our browsers so much nowadays it could be a big problem.

macbook air adware cleaning

macbook air adware cleaning

When mac browsers get hijacked with adware it is really no joke. because a mac user can not do anything sometimes except of force quit browser or even restart a computer. and if not that bad then ones has to deal with millions of ads or browser redirects that adware creates.

this is so common now that I recommend everyone to have internet security on their macbooks, imacs and mac pros so they are protected from macbook air adware infections. best security we recommend of course is Kaspersky internet security for Mac. feel free to stop by and we will install it for you on your macbook so you are free from adware.

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