Computer Component Replacement (Replacement of faulty physical parts of the computer, that prevent computers normal function. Requires purchase of new components. some time may take longer to complete due to parts availability, may have to special order).

Upgrades ( Computer hardware component upgrades to increase speed, memory, hard drive space, video or sound capabilities to meet your needs):

Hard Drive upgrades (increase storage memory)

RAM Upgrades ( increase operating speed for software programs)

CD/DVD/BLUERAY ROM – Disk readability upgrade, allows you to play or record different types of media disks

-Internal/External Device installation -( wireless devices, audio systems, connecting computer to television set, connecting musical instruments to your computer, blue tooth device configuration)

Laptop Screen Replacement (Same day replacement, the only hold up would be to get the screen shipped, due to specific screen size and models for different laptops)

Laptop Motherboard Replacement ( Many times laptop motherboards fail or video chips fail, which is very common issue – we recommend replacing motherboard – always new- also same day replacement)

– Laptop DC Jack Replacement (power jacks are very vulnerable and sometimes break due to pulling a cord accidentally – your jack is replaced also same day)

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Creative Commons License photo credit: Magic Madzik