Number one enemy of imacs is something not a lot of people ever think about! some people have more of it, some less. depending on where you live and many times how clean your house is. Also it depends if you have animals and whether you keep your windows open often.  Below photos were taken today when 27 inch imac came in for a power button repair. but after opening we saw this. So as you might have guessed by looking at the pictures. Number one enemy of imacs is dust.

Dust is small particles of matter flying in the air in everyone’s homes and outside in the open. and if you understand a little bit about computers it will make total sense why this happens. imac dust fan

Imacs and macbook pros, as well as all other computers have electronic components that calculate different combinations of numbers all the time. Depending on how big the load of calculations is or frequency, components produce different amounts of heat. therefore to prevent overheating and eventually burning those components – imacs, macbook pros, and all other computers come equipped with cooling devices. most of the time cooling devices happen to be be fans. but there are also many others. FullSizeRender_1

and the way fans work is simple. they pull cool air from outside of the computer and push the hot air out of the computer. therefore there is always airflow and hot air gets out of imac as quick as possible in order to keep things cool.

so if you live in dusty environment, it is very common to see images like these. where fans are clogged with dust and they have thick dust build up on them. What does that mean you ask?

it means the fans get clogged and can not work properly. their blades get less efficient in pushing air through. that means more and more hot air stays inside the computer and things always get warmer and at some point even start overheating. this can cause damage to internal components or even burn CPU or other parts on the logic board. and it might cost an arm and a leg to fix them.

Thats why you have to do maintenance on imacs especially. because they are more compact and the airflow is pretty limited. Imacs really should be serviced at least once a year to blow out all dust and clean the fans so they run properly and keep your imac at normal temperatures.

where can you get this done you may ask?! well you can call 818-532-9333 and reach fastest No-BS – pc-Imac-Ipad-Iphone repair place in woodland hills. Where job like this is piece of cake and takes only one hour. it will refresh your imac and number one enemy of imacs will be gone!

if you live in more dusty environment or have animals, you might have to do it more often like every 6 months. this is like changing oil on your car. its worth the money for the long run. so call us or stop by at 22941 Ventura bl. #G, Woodland Hills, Ca 91364 or 199 w. Hillcrest dr. #W9, Thousand Oaks, Ca 91360 and we will help you right away!!!

happy holidays!