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Ipad2 Glass digitizer lcd screen

Ipad Repair and Ipad2 Repair and Now Ipad 3 Repair is now available at Overnight PC Repair.

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Ipad Glass/Digitizer is the interactive part of the Ipad’s screen that reacts to touching and motions when it is touched by the hand or fingers.

Ipad LCD Screen is the part where what you see on the screen is displayed.

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In simple human language, if there was no digitizer, you would touch the screen and at best you would leave your finger prints on it. In other words nothing would move. And without LCD screen, any movement on the Ipad Digitizer or Ipad Glass wouldn’t matter, because you wouldnt be able to see anything but a clear piece of glass. Therefore both of the components are necessary to produce the amazing feature you get when Ipad is working and you can move and press things with the touch of your fingers.

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