Recently we had a customer who had upgraded his laptop with a larger Hard Drive. he used a 750GB seagate hybrid drive. with 32GB solid state component and the rest of it filled with moveable parts. Which makes it a faster drive when accessing operating system and your most often used programs.

but what do you do with the drive that large? do you keep just one partition of 750GB or do you split it in half? here is my take on it:

in terms of having more or less space on the drive partitioning has no play in it. you don’t lose space if you partition a hard drive in to two or 3 partitions. the only difference is really the practicality of it. For drive this large I would recommend splitting it in at least two partitions for one reason only.

knowing windows and its stability issues I would absolutely partition my 750 drive keeping about 100GB for operating system and program files on the first. and make second partition for the rest of the available space. That way, you can do couple of things:

1. after you install windows and your programs you can make an image of the first partition (100GB) and save it on second partition.

2. even if you don’t do an image of first partition, you can always reinstall windows on first partition and have rest of your files sitting on the second partition untouched. Because if you had everything on one partition and imagine it would be pretty full (lets say 600GB full) in order to reinstall windows, you would have to back everything up. Which means you would need to have another hard drive to put everything on, reinstall windows and then transfer everything back. For me it sounds like a lot of work, I don’t know about you.

there is really no difference, but for practical reasons it is just so much simpler and will save you a lot of hassle moving stuff around from drive to drive.

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