So You’re Thinking About Online Data Backup Software?

Great! I think it is a wonderful solution. So this morning, after my daily work out and a pretty healthy primal breakfast, I opened my computer repair blog and I wanted to discuss some of the features and benefits of what this type of service can do for you or your business.

First lets get clear on what it is:

Online Data Backup Software – is software which allows backup of your files in some remote (online) location.

So in other words, instead of having all your files and data backed up on external or external hard drives at home. You basically send it out to a different location and it is stored over there.

This sounds really great you say and I also think it is. But as always there are two sides of the coin and I want to help you explore them both with help of this article.

So sit back, relax and let’s get right into it J

  1. The number one benefit, most obvious one, happens to be the selling point of all the online data backup software is in case of fire or earthquake or as result of some other natural disaster causing physical damage to the your computer where your important data is stored, you would lose all your data. With data backup software online, your data is simply stored in some other location. Usually miles and miles away, unless you accidentally purchase one that has data centers in the same city or maybe even same block as you live in Los Angeles ;-). And if earthquake hits everything is gone. That would be a bummer huh? Yeah. But it simply calls for-always do your research. Always. This is really one of the main and only logically justifiable reasons to get online backup data software.
  2. Another reason to look into this is affordability. Since price of many of these services is pretty much minimal, therefore it definitely beats the alternative of having someone come in and physically do it in your home or office. That is, take your data, put it on the external hard drive and physically drive it to a safe location where it’s not going to be damaged, in case of a misfortune.Most of these programs available today run about $5-10 a month and if you were to hire a service they would probably charge you more. Unless you can have your employees do it, but then again you would have to rent a safe place to store your server or hard drives and that would also involve additional cost.
  3. Also online data backup service is convenient because most of it is done in real time as you change files, so you don’t have to think about doing it. Everything is done automatically as you go.
  4. Some software also offer data encryption
  5. Mmost services also offer data versioning, it means you don’t only have the newest version of your file backed up. You have several version. So In case you need to go back in time and recover something older you can do it too.
  6. Access to your files is password protected so no one can get into your files without you.
  7. Virtually unlimited amounts of hard drive space to store as much info as you want (available storage space is probably depends on price)

Now here are also some disadvantages:

– Since your data backup depends on internet connection, to send files in and out, you become merely depended on it. If you have slow connection, you might have to wait a while to restore some of the larger files or folders

– Privacy. Some services can not guarantee your data will be kept private from employees intervention

– Company providing online data backup service might be bought out or go out of business.

Also there are managed online backup services, where the provided offers initial support and assistance setting up the service, keep an eye on whats going on with it, inform you if backup has failed, etc.

The most popular software on the market for data backup are:





Here you go. This will do it for now to get you started. For more extensive analysis, please do your research before buying anything. No one can recommend you best service, do your own homework, check company reviews, read some blogs, forums etc, no one can do it better than yourself.

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