June 20, 2011 @ 4:17 pm
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Wanna know what happens when computer gets dropped on the ground?

As you may guess, nothing too pleasant – both for you and for the laptop. for you its stress, disappointment, hassle and a bill at the end. For laptop its near death experience, requiring a “heart” (motherboard) transplant. 🙂

hp 6710b motherboard

hp 6710b motherboard


So the story goes like this. Person has accidentally dropped their hp 6710b laptop from waste up on the ground. I did not see it, but can only imagine it was a pretty heavy hit for the laptop. as it would be for any device or even human for the same matter.

the consequence was pretty obvious. The computer would turn on, but there was nothing on the screen. it was blank.

At first it looked like a faulty video chip, a problem that many HP laptops get. When the video chip fails, due to cracked internal wiring inside the chip. you get exactly the same kind of result. Laptops seems to be working, judging based on the lights that come on and the fan working, etc.

However the screen remains blank, no matter what you do. As well as there isn’t usually any output at the external monitor connector either.

hp 6710b disassembled

hp 6710b disassembled

After I determined Hp Compaq 6710b motherboard was faulty, I ordered one, it arrived from San Diego, CA (one of our parts suppliers) in about 3 days. I swapped it the same day as it came in and voila! Laptop powered on and was working.  However, many times when you replace a motherboard on any computer, you usually run into operating system problems too.

Even though the motherboard is identical, some components on it my be a little different and at the level of operating system it makes huge difference.  Usually its the blue screen that you get when you start the computer or computer freezes and such.

Best thing to do in this case is to do a windows repair. You get a windows disc, put it in boot from it as if you would install fresh copy of windows and then do a windows repair feature. it works like magic. it repair windows operating system, rewrites all drivers but leaves all programs in tact the way the were before the crash.

hp 6710b motherboard fixed

hp 6710b motherboard fixed

Final Result: another Client happy to get back to do their homework!

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2 Responses to “Motherboard Swap of HP Compaq 6710b”

  1. Jeremy says:

    Hello there,

    I experienced something similar and dropped my computer from about that height off a stand in a carpeted room. It has a screen that is black and other colors. A little bit works, but not enough to do anything. I use the compute with a video cable to another monitor. Everything else is working fine.

    I am not in your area or I would visit you. I need to remove this screen and order a new one and replace it. I am almost certain of what I need to order, but don’t want to pull the trigger ntil I have it out and can verify a part number or the like. But I can not find an actual instruction on how to remove this particular screen from this machine. I really like my computer, even if it is getting older, and would like to repair it and begin working again. I’ve even tried the HP site.

    Can you point me towards good instructions?

    • Eduardas Kubilinskas says:

      Hi. it does sound like you have a bad lcd screen. go to ebay and type your computer model number plus words lcd screen. dv6710b lcd screen. and you will find many screens. replacement is not very difficult on these. you can find directions on youtube and if you can’t find. let me know I can walk you through it over the phone if necessary.

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