solid state hard drive upgrade This gateway machine was already pretty powerful. besides a few kinks in the windows, it was running pretty smoothly. considering the Intel Core Quad processor at 3.4GHz as well as 6GB of DDR3 RAM, 640GB (WD)of hard drive space in slot 1 and 1TB (seagate) of space in slot 2. honestly a pretty nice piece of equipment.

The client however seduced by my story of upgrading to a solid state hard drive, decided to also go for it in the end. Thinking it was gonna work even faster. and let me tell you it did!

if you don’t know what solid state hard drive is (SSD) – it’s a hard drive without the actual spinning disks inside.

they are the new generation hard drives and still pretty pricey, that work on flash memory principle. and don’t have any moving parts in them (except of electric impulses that are pretty much invisible from the outside.

Main benefits of Solid State Hard drives are these:

1. They are quiet, no noise whatsoever.

2. they are much faster – writing speed is unbelievably faster than regular hard drives even compared to 10k rpm hard drives

3. nothing to brake inside, there are no moving parts.

and there are more differences you can find them here: solid state hard drives on wikipedia

intel solid state hard drive 120gbSo we went ahead and upgraded the gateway desktop with a 120GB intel solid state hard drive.

I installed windows 7 home premium 64 bit on it. and with all that ram and quad core processor power the machine was booting up in less than 10 seconds. which was nice.

from my own experience I will never go back to regular hard drive if I have a choice and always keep my operating system on a SSD. it makes huge difference even if your computer is slower.

The only downside for these so far is the price. they are still pretty costly compared to standard hard drives that are dirt cheap nowadays for the amount of memory you get. this 120GB Intel SSD was $248 dollars with tax at fry’s electronics. for the same price you can probably buy at least 4 TB of regular hard drive space if not more!

Either way if you have an ability, give it a shot you will not regret it! SSD’s rule period.

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