If you are a pc user and  haven’t heard of cryptolocker virus, you better learn about it now. Why, because it is pretty dangerous. maybe it isn’t dangerous in itself, but what cryptolocker virus does sure is pretty damn ugly.

what cryptolocker virus does is following: it gets installed on pc computer and then without any visible signs starts to encrypt (usually) all documents, such as pdf, Docx, xlsx, jpg and other files.

it uses this RSA encryption which is virtually impossible to decipher. then after files are encrypted (locked) it flashes a red background on the desktop with a message asking you to pay ransom if you want to get your files back.

its a pretty tricky tactics and its quite ugly and worst is that crypto locker virus does actually encrypt your files. so if you try to open them they will all look garbled and you won’t be able to read or see anything in them.cryptolocker virus

cryptolocker virus seems to appear in waves, at overnight pc repair we haven’t heard of it in several months and now it seems to be back. people are being infected with it again. so I’m writing an article with a hope you will read it and maybe take some action to protect yourself from it.

No one usually knows of course how cryptolocker gets installed on computer and Im talking about victims here. but in general it comes disguised as a fake email, ups-fedex-usps-dhl notice of received shipment, or bank statement notification, etc that tricks people into opening it and then cryptolocker (or other viruses) get installed on computer usually by the user him or herself.

other ways of getting a cryptolocker virus is also not having proper security software on your pc. this is important if you aren’t very computer savvy. and who is nowadays. even myself who spends hours every day with computers I still sometimes don’t know a lot, especially with the whole operating system, tablet, and other-my-device-is-better races out there.

so having a proper internet security software is really a must. We 100% recommend Kaspersky Internet security 2014. Why because we have installed it on many computers for people who brought their pcs to clean viruses and result is they renew registration next year as well. once you have kaspersky internet security on your pc. you will not have any viruses pretty much ever.

don’t get me wrong there are other applications just as good such as maybe Enod32. but I don’t have much experience with them and will only tell you the ones you shouldn’t have on your pc thinking you will be protected. the really bad ones are mcafee, avg especially. for one because of their selling tactics. they offer different versions of their software free, and people get impression they are protected, but they are really not unless they purchase full protection suite. but even full protection suite by those two is really a joke. So just get good anti virus like Kaspersky internet security 2014 and you will be alright. call us if you need an activation license at 818-532-9333 and we will help you.

and what to do if you get infected with crypto locker virus. do you pay ransom or not? well if you want to have your files back. you better pay ransom. is it guaranteed you will get your files back? No. i heard some people do, some people don’t. important thing is to follow directions. they clearly state if you mess with the virus or try to clean it out, your encryption key will be destroyed and you will suffer. so if you really need your files after they have been encrypted your only chance is to pay the ransom and hope they will be unlocked. I heard they actually do. then you can clean virus out.

I know it sounds sketchy but it is really the only way. if you don’t pay your files will be gone forever. we had some people who lost all their business records and there is no way to recover because encryption is so complex and it is impossible to break. that’s how ugly cryptolocker is. very ugly.

so please be careful because even the best computer repair experts as ourselves will not be able to help you if you get infected by the almighty cryptolocker virus!

be aware! cheers! come visit us at Overnight pc Repair and Mac at 22941 Ventura bl #G Woodland Hills, Ca 91364 or call us 818-532-9333