fbi-virus removalSo this is what FBI Virus looks like when you get it. Honestly I have never seen this image. I had to go find one on google. Nonetheless I have cleaned fbi virus also known as ransom virus many many times. I know it will sound spooky, but many times when people bring their computers to our shop, they either start working or act totally differently as when they were at home. its like taking car to a mechanic, I hear. Once you’re the problem is not so obvious.

Same happened with these viruses and I am yet anxious to take a picture of it myself. Unfortunately it hasn’t ever showed up right away and I don’t really like to sit and wait there for it. like today, when clients computer was infected with this fbi ransom virus, he said his computer was locked up and he couldn’t use it. He restarted it few times, tried safe mode and everything else, but couldn’t get in.

Well, for me it was a bit different experience. I got in this time pretty easily and was able to modify the registry and so the infected processes don’t even start and then clean the rest of them out. Mind you this guy also had norton internet security, which he was paying for and it still didn’t protect anything.

so to end, I can tell you from experience, that I clean spyware all the time for peoples computers that are protected with AVG, Norton, McAfee, Trend Micro, Microsoft Security Essentials and other worthless computer security.

Get Kaspersky internet security 2013 if you want to be protected well from fbi virus and rest of spyware and viruses.

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