few days ago a customer ran in to our store freaking out that his pictures and all his documents were locked and he couldn’t access them. We took a quick look and it was true. All his *.doc, *.txt, *.jpg, *.png files were given an additional *.crypt extension. If you tried to open them they would come up as garbled or impossible to read or view as images.

Apparently his computer was affected with what is called a Ransom Virus. Win32.Ransom. it is called ransom for the reason, it was asking him to prepay $50 on the money pack which can be purchased at walgreens, then this money pack was to be submitted to someone who could supposedly unlock the files in exchange for $50. So in other words bad hackers keep your files hostage until you pay them a ransom of $50 for your files to be released.

And so we tried to contact them because $50 is not that big amount to pay to get your files back. In few days we got a hold of the people who asked for ransom, but they said they couldn’t help us because we didnt have some ID number.

So there was no choice left for us, but to decrypt these *.crypt files ourselves. And we did it! Customer got his files and pictures of his father back(who is passed away) they were very important to him! he was very happy!

so here you are overnight pc repair has saved another day! call us at 818-532-9333 or visit at our store 22641 Ventura boulevard, Woodland Hills, Ca 91364