Here is Full story of what happened to our internet, before we got Clear Wireless Internet service

I first wanted to order dsl from AT&T to our woodland hills location and was told by the person on the other end of AT&T that DSL service was not available. before that I heard that they tell this people on purpose, because they are pushing U-Verse service out as much as possible. So I asked why it wasn’t available and was told its like a parking lot. if parking lot is full then no more cars can fit. this happens to be true for DSL. only if there are too many users on the line. so I didn’t know if it was truth. Anyway, they said I could get U-verse internet no problem.I agreed. I paid $100 deposit setup installation date and waited. Technician came out as promised on the date and proceeded with installation, however unsuccessfully. He called some other guy and they both tried to figure the lines out, but with no luck again. They said I wait for follow up to find out the status of order.

I called them after a week to find out my order was cancelled. After that I was told we can install DSL in my location and they quoted me higher price and very slow internet $55 dollars for 3mb/s down. Since I was upset about the whole situation of At&t ignoring me I told them no and went looking for another avenues of internet. Time warner cable was not available so I decided to check out 4G internet and thats how I came across Clear Wireless. Unlike Verizon hot spot they offer unlimited data transfer and only for $49.99 a month. The device was also $50. so for $50 a month you get unlimited data transfer and the speed here in Woodland Hills, CA 91364 is very decent I get 10mb/s down and 1mb/s up for internet speed! Highly recommended!