cheap data recovery los angelesThere are many many misconceptions about data recovery. Merely due to complexity of hard drives themselves. Not many people know how they work and if they do still only superficially. Therefore people often get taken advantage of or even lied to about the process of recovering their lost personal pictures, documents and other data.

so in simple terms there are couple of stages of data recovery. First, where data is just lost or deleted on a still working drive. This data recovery is done very simply and doesn’t cost a lot of money at all. Pretty much half savvy computer repair guy or just enthusiast can figure it out how to get it back. but here is where it gets tricky.

What if your hard drive is not being recognized by the computer (any computer) anymore. how is data taken out then? Well there aren’t that many options, really. this is where most people and most computer repair guys get stuck. not many people know what to do after that.

that brings us to the second level data recovery. second level data recovery is very interesting. it is hidden by a lot of mystery in the market place and not a lot of people know what to do. So the “data recovery experts” then find a real easy way to tell customers with bad hard drives pretty much whatever they like and many times even get away with charging very very high prices to recover their lost data.

its like having pain in the back that no doctor knows how to treat, but you find one who says that he knows and you would do anything to get that doctor.

So now lets get to the real part of data recovery and especially cheap data recovery. the very common theme you will hear from so called “data recovery experts” is following:

1. bring us the fault  hard drive. We will charge you diagnostic fee (anywhere from $35 to $100)

2. then we will tell you how much it will cost you to recover your lost data. (this fee ranges anywhere from $600 to $10000) (yes that’s ten thousand) we had a client who took her drive to a national company and after some tough negotiations paid $1800 to get her files back. however some pay even more.

3. the whole “insane prices for data recovery” thing is covered by whats called a “clean-lab” theory. Clean lab in hard drive world is a clean sanitary place (like you see scientists use in movies, where they stick hands on both sides wearing big white gloves). Same kind of place is used to open and repair hard drives. Because of their meticulous nature they can’t even afford to have dust in the air, to guarantee their performance for the long term.

so that’s why you usually get thrown “clean lab” thing in your face by data recovery experts. so then it sounds very difficult and justifies charging high prices for data recovery.

However in reality only a small portion of hard drives only need to go to the clean lab. In fact, smaller than everyone thinks. Most drives can still be recovered many times fully without going to any clean lab.

And so that was the case with this hard drive that was brought to us and we had 99.99% of sectors recovered 900GB of data within 2 days for a reasonable price that is affordable to anyone.

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