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Looking For Data Recovery Services in Los Angeles, Calabasas or Woodland Hills?

Did your hard drive stop working on you and you fear you have lost all your data? it is true that hard drives fail and sometimes without any obvious reason. but there is nothing to fear Overnight Pc Repair provides efficient Data recovery service. This is how Data Recovery process works with us.

1. Your Damaged Hard drive is tested and evaluated for damage

2. You receive an email with short summary of what the damage on the hard drive is and how much data can be extracted.

3. You decide whether you want to proceed with data recovery

4. Price: very simple Data recovery service cost is $600.00 if data is recovered, if not you don’t have to pay anything.

Data Recovery price also can be $500.00 if you have an un-encrypted drive, or if your drive is less than 3GB. Most of the drives in laptop computers or desktop computers are not encrypted. Only some external drives and many western ditigal drives have encryption. therefore prices is $100 more expensive.

One way or the other if you don’t get your data YOU pay nothing! how is that for a guarantee?! and compare the price tag with many places that charge thousands for data recovery service!

Call us at 818-532-9333 or visit at our store 22641 Ventura boulevard, Woodland Hills, Ca 91364

We also now offer Iphone Data Recovery

If you have accidentally deleted your contacts, text messages(sms),photos, or music we can help you recover it for your Iphone 4, Iphone 4s and iphone 5.


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