ZT Core i7-2600 Desktop  This ZT icore 7 -2600 desktop was originally purchased at costco. The guy who bought it called us as a last resort, since he was frustrated with this computer and was out of options.

Initially his motherboard failed on him, then he had it replaced under warranty. And now all he wanted to do was to install a USB 3.0 card into his desktop so he can take advantage of some serious transfer speed USB 3.0 has to offer. And they are truly not too shabby – around 100MB/s transfer rate. its pretty awesome. it transfers a 3GB file in about one minute – nice!

So the guy bought a Usb 3.0 card and tried to install it himself. it didn’t work. So he called costco customer support and spend 2 hours on the phone with some other guy, who was very nice, but in the end nothing was working.

then the guy thought maybe the usb 3.0 card is bad. so he went to Frys and purchased a new one and to prevent further trouble he asked customer support at frys electronics to install it for him. They went ahead and attempted. The guy who installed it, said he needed to modify the bios settings and after doing it something happened to the bios on start up – it would produce some strange beeps. Anyway, the card was still not installed.

So the guy calls costco computer support again and restores bios settings to default. but beeps still continue and usb 3.0 card still didn’t work. I personally get frustrated just writing about it. If I was in the guys shoes, I’d be definitely taking them off and throwing them at someone 🙂

Long story short, he decides to call overnight pc repair – very smart decision! He tells us about his pain, and his story and we offer him to check it out at no cost and if we can fix this mess it’s gonna cost him a little fee. He agrees, brings laptop in. he brings now two usb 3.0 cards and first thing we do is test them. They both work. then we install one into his computer and it works.

we test it, run it, transfer some files back and forth and call the guy to pick computer up when he wants to. total time taken to repair this desktop problem 1 hour max. Something geniuses at frys electronics and costco technical support couldn’t figure out in 4 hours. what a shame…

luckily there is overnight pc repair just around the corner and we repair computer problems as if they are ours. without wasting time, without blowing smoke and we do it fastest! call us at 877-938-8777 greatest computer repair shop in los angeles area!