l355 dc jack This was a sort of simple job replacing dc jack on L355 Toshiba satellite laptop.

it has 1GB of RAM, AMD processor, 320GB of HDD space.

Obvious problem was due to a strong pull of plugged it power adapter cable, which forced dc jack to rip out of its bracket and dangle inside the computer.

New dc jack replacement arrived in 3 days. We opened up this laptop the same day when we received the part, replaced dc jack and put case back together.

Upon opening however it was clearly visible the dc jack was damaged. one plastic corner on the jack was split. And also the bracket where it sits on the side of the bottom case was also a bit broken.But luckily new DC jack fit in there tightly without any movement.

if same kind of pull would happen again, we will have to replace the whole bottom case for it. because the bracket inside will be completely shot.

Best advice is to always be careful not to trip over the power adapter cord or pull it accidentally or drop laptop on the plug or similar. this occurs quite often so be aware of it!

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