A customer called saying the DC jack on his laptop was damaged and needed to be replaced. Since it happens a lot and we replace many of them it sounded like a regular job and I was looking forward to it.
When I got the laptop and ordered the part I saw it needed some serious soldering. 6 pins out of 6 needed to be soldered in. Not to mention the whole laptop had to be taken apart. to the last little screw, because of where the dc jack was located.

on newer laptops dc jack is much more accessible for and easier to replace. many times without any soldering. However this one wasn’t 🙂
so two hours and couple of trips to radioshack later. I am proud to say the customer will be very happy because his dell 5160 is totally fixed!

here is a photo of in between the soldering experience:

this was a nice job – I was forced to learn to solder better and get some extra soldering tools I knew nothing about!

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