this post is as painful to write as it was to bring a job to a completion.

The woman who called stated, her laptop – sony vgn-sr21m was giving her blue screen and acting up crazily without a reason. it rejected different operating systems and simply wouldn’t budge. she claimed have taken it to 3 different people who tried to fix it (geek squad, frys and other chop shops) without any luck and truly didn’t have any hope us fixing it either.

It was a tough call.  Therefore the best thing I could offer to her was to take all risk to myself, so I told her I would “play around with it” and see if I can fix it. and I would only charge her if I had it working! talk about win/win deal here!

and so it started. She brought computer wednesday June 3rd in the evening. and I started working on it about 9pm. Needless to say it was a long night. I stayed up until 5am. I have read half of the computer forums on the internet, read for different ways to fix the problem, but the laptop wouldn’t budge.

It was completely rejecting windows xp versions like home edition OEM, Windows xp professional SP2 and SP3. It would give a blue screen every time.

Then I tried Couple of versions of windows 7. pro, home, ultimate however laptop would freeze or get stuck on the “setup is preparing to start computer for the first time” and wouldn’t go any further.

At about 4:45 am my head was about to explode from frustration which was splitting into disappointment and some anger. So I decided to go to bed at 5am.

next day I woke up. did my chores and decided to try again.

I knew Sony laptops have had similar problem in the past and I knew it wasn’t the windows that was causing it. it was simply computer not accepting operating systems because it is Sony.  So I Installed Ubuntu on it and it worked perfectly. Therefore I knew problem was in sony itself.

so finally I gave it my last shot. I got a copy of windows xp that had latest updates. put the disc in, installed OS, retrieved all the drivers, installed them and computer was working flawlessly!

Client was very surprised, astound, and happy! What a day!

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