Laptop Repair

Welcome to Laptop Repair at Overnight Pc Repair

At Overnight Pc Repair Your Laptop is fixed fastest that anywhere else! No more wasting time! forget geek squad and other repair shops who are lazy and take dayyyssss to fix your computer. This kind of laziness and incompetence is not tolerated here! Because Your time is a very valuable thing for us. We respect it and act accordingly!

Laptop Repair Services We Provide:

Laptop Screen Replacement (if you have damaged your screen, cracked it, stepped on it, broke it we replace all of them)

Laptop Battery Replacement (Laptop Batteries can wear out after some time – get your battery replaced and use your laptop cord-free)

-Laptop DC Jack Replacement (Power adapter jack in the laptops is very fragile part of the machine and any little pull or inappropriate pressure to it can damage it beyond functionality. If your laptop isn’t charging or will not start when plugged in, or starts getting power after you wiggle the power cord it is good chance your DC jack is damaged, get it replaced!)

-Laptop Keyboard Replacement( Are you missing keys on your keyboard, or did you spill some coffee on your keyboard? no big deal! have it replaced! any brand any size!)

-Laptop Motherboard Replacement( is your laptop beyond repair? do you get no video on the screen, these are all signs of faulty motherboard. Get it replaced here, all brands all sizes!)

– Laptop Fan Cleaning and Replacement (The main reason many laptops fail is overheating. You must make sure your laptop fan is clean and not clogged with dust at any time. We clean your laptop fan or replace it if it has stopped working.)

Call us Now at 818-532-9333 or come to 22641 Ventura boulevard, Woodland Hills, CA 91364 to fix your laptop fast!!!

Serviced Laptop Brands Include:

Hp, Toshiba, Sony, Asus, Gateway, Acer, Dell