gateway dx4200 Vista CrashThis gateway dx4200 desktop computer came with 4 GB of RAM, Quad Core Processor, 1 TB hard drive and had microsoft windows vista installed. Things were running pretty smoothly on it for couple of years until it got this TDSS virus on it.

In itself TDSS virus is not such a big problem to deal with. It simply redirects internet surfer to different websites as when one clicks on results after running a search query in google. however like many other spyware it also acts like a backdoor and creates opportunity to download many other viruses and infections into computer. The results can often be unpredictable.

This is what happened to this gateway dx4200 machine. After infection of tdss virus got in, it downloaded other viruses and computer had to be cleaned. However after cleaning all virus infections, windows vista simply refused to start. It was restarting as soon as it loaded to the welcome screen where you put in a password. The only safe mode option it would start in was the one with networking. We cleaned it with 5 different antivirus, anti spyware tools and nothing worked.

Windows Vista repair or upgrade installation wouldn’t work either. Nothing worked. So 6 hours later we gave up and agreed to reinstall operating system. Customer has backed up his files previously, so he was ready for this, but thought he would still give it a shot saving all his programs.

Lesson here is to keep your computer protected at all times! best software to use for that is Kaspersky Internet Security just trust me on this one! 🙂 you will prevent many computer problems!

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