a1278 macbook pro water damage repairthis a1278 macbook pro damage repair was an interesting experience because of couple of things. First this although this A1278 model of macbook pro happens to be currently one of the most popular macbook models. It had a slight difference from other A1278 models. Secondly it had a very unusual water damage. because normally people spill something either on top of keyboard. Or fluids get spilled on the bottom and macbook soaks in it.

In this case a1278 macbook pro was in the backpack with books, things and water bottle. Water bottle that leaked pretty heavily. So the macbook pro was basically all drowning in fluid for a while and when brought to overnight pc repair in woodland hills, ca – we thought there was a little hope. It literally would not even turn on. The person who brought it said it did turn on briefly after she took it out of the bag, but then shut off and didn’t start again.

So we said we would take a look and we did. In many cases when water damage is occurred and laptop doesn’t turn on, there is little chance. however there is always hope and at overnight pc repair hope dies last. not before we test and try everything we can.

First thing we did was open it up in an attempt to do some clean up. By clean up we literally mean physical clean up of the logic board. because even if the spilled fluid was water, when it dries, there is always residue in form of salt and other depositions. And with no surprise after a thorough cleaning of logic board this a1278 macbook pro came back to life. it started and was running ok all night. however there was more damage. One was keyboard on which half of keys were not responding, secondly the screen had some weird background texture. so after replacing  a keyboard and a brand new lcd screen this a1278 macbook pro was fully working laptop! congratulations on successful macbook pro water damage repair!

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