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At Overnight Pc Repair Your Mac  is fixed fastest that anywhere else! No more wasting time! forget geek squad and other repair shops who are lazy and take dayyyssss to fix your computer. This kind of laziness and incompetence is not tolerated here! Because Your time is a very valuable thing for us. We respect it and act accordingly!

Macbook Repair and Imac Repair Services We Provide:

macbook and imac repair

Macbook Lcd  Screen Replacement (cracked, non working, broken lcd screen replacement)

Macbook Battery Replacement (Macbook Batteries don’t last forever, if yours isn’t holding charge anymore it might be time to replace it!)

-Macbook DC Jack Replacement (Older macs still use the old school dc jacks that might break, unlike new ones, that have better design and use magnet to attach charger to the laptop)

-Macbook Keyboard Replacement (did your keyboard suffered a fluid spill or perhaps you are missing some keys that broke off and can not be replaced, well know you can replace your whole keyboard and forget about it!)

-Macbook Logic Board Replacement or Repair ( Unlike diamonds, macbooks are not forever. if your macbook had some fluids or water damage it might be time to repair or replace the logic board in it. this process takes few days, but it might be worth waiting, unless of course you want to buy yourself a new mac!)

– Macbook  Fan Cleaning and Replacement (Just like pc laptops, macbook fans need to be cleaned and serviced every now and then. Some fans start making whirring noises or even fail. and certainly wouldn’t suggest you run your computer without a working fan. Overheating a macbook might mean premature macbooks death!)

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