Macbook Pro Water Damage Repair Los AngelesI once spilled juice on mine and it wasn’t pretty. My screen went out first. I turned laptop off right away, and let it dry out, but I guess it was too late, because it wouldn’t turn on for me anymore. I tried drying it out with the hair dryer, kept it in the by the window with the breeze, but still it wouldn’t turn on. it was painful and it was more painful when I called apple certified shop to get it repaired when I got the price on how much it will cost to fix it…

This was several years ago and now I know better. Now I’m at the place where we offer this type of water damage repair service to other people.

We got this Macbook Pro A1278 last wednesday. It was damaged by a water spill and would not turn on. An almost brand new machine just purchased in June of 2011. Customer was extremely upset because Apple quoted him $870 to repair it by replacing logic board with a new one. He wasn’t happy about that. He then turned to local computer repair guys and found overnight pc repair on the internet. We got the water damaged macbook pro and repaired it within 3 days!!! for much much lesser price than apple has given him!!!

Customer was happy and thanked us for helping him!

Overnight pc repair fixes macbook logic board problems, water damage problems and changes macbook lcd screens and other components in record breaking time! Your time is value to us and we want to save it!

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