A1342 Macbook doesn't turn onThis a1342 macbook 13 inch was brought in because it wouldn’t turn on anymore.

and when it did, occasionally, then you could see as if one key on the keyboard was pressed in.

first thought that come to mind when you get a situation like this – water damage. however the owners daughter swore there was no fluid spills whatsoever. so we took the a1342 macbook into the lab, opened it and quickly saw there was a problem with the whole chasis. Unfortunately, on this particular unibody macbook model A1342 the top case includes keyboard, power button and speakers too. but keyboard and power button are wired through one cable to the logic board. So basically when the keyboard goes, it affects power button as well.

we instantly realized there was problem in the top case or keyboard because only unplugging keyboard cable made this a1342 macbook turn on. so it was pretty clear the whole top case had to be replaced.

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