macbook pro a1278 water damage repairThis Macbook Pro case study is interesting because it will show you couple of things. This macbook pro a1278 was damaged with water and we received a call from the person who owns it over the weekend. She left a message and we called her back monday, but she told us she had found someone else to fix it. However she still asked what company we were calling from. When she found out it was overnight pc repair she called us back and said she will rather do it with us, because of the good reviews we have online.

So, now here is the kicker, she lives in Santa Cruz, CA. And we are in Los Angeles. Its a good 350 mile distance between the two. But she still shipped us the laptop to get the water damage repaired.

This repair was not so easy. macbook pro was repaired 2 times. First time we fixed it and it was working for a little while but next day it stopped working again. The second repair took couple more days and finally it fired up and was running nicely. We also find out there was problem with a hard drive, so we replaced it with customers consent and loaded brand new Mac OS Lion on it. After that pc was running smoothly, fully functional. We sent it back to santa cruz and customer is using it happily.

choice is yours! so if you have macbook pro laptop that is damaged with water, it is definitely worth to get it fixed with overnight pc repair call us at 877-938-8777 and we will help you repair almost any computer problem!