sony vaio cr120e hard driveHard drive crashes are pretty common occurrence, we fix at least a couple a week. Everyone usually asks what causes hard drive crash and how you can fix it or prevent it. But unfortunately no such answer exists. Hard drives are very fragile and very unpredictable. Best precaution is of course to test it every now and then for bad sectors so at least you catch it as it starts to fail and not when its already finished and is unreadable.

This case of sony vaio vgn cr120 was a perfect example of when computer starts showing first signs of failing hard drive. When you get bad sectors on a hard drive, they become unreadable, therefore if you have an operating system file in that place which is needed to start windows for example you will not be able to do so. its like when you listen to a scratch cd and the song is playing and suddenly it skips because it can not read certain spot and you don’t hear the sound there we only hear that cd skipped.

vaio vgn cr120e hard disk swapThis client has brought their computer and it was still manageable. it was running slow and would freeze up occasionally. So we decided to do system restore at first and as we were backing up the files, our operating system (Ubuntu 9) did a hard drive test automatically and showed that there are 28 bad sectors on this disk. It is not a lot of bad sectors and they could be ignored for a while, but not when you have a bunch of files that are important to you on the disk. Because bad sectors have a tendency to spread and increase in number and from our experience it was only a matter of time until this hard drive would start failing completely.

We informed a customer of the problem immediately and he agreed to upgrade to a 500gb hard drive (his old one was 160gb).  We performed then system restore and his computer is ready to go. with 2 gigs of RAM and a intel core duo processor expected to run for another 2-3 years flawlessly 🙂

This job was delivered in less than 24 hours like all the other computer repair jobs at The only time it takes longer is when we need to ship the parts for your laptop or desktop from our suppliers. If parts are available locally any repair will take no longer than 24 hours guaranteed! or your computer is repaired FREE!

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