Client Friday may 20th about 10AM. Our technician got to his place at 11AM (in one hour).

Client complained his computer was infected with spyware or virus. He wanted to do system restore, but all program with *.exe extension were not working on Windows Vista operating system.

This happens due to virus damaging some registry files and usually what needed is a so called extension fix in the registry. Once that was done, client was able to do system restore and go back to his normal functioning computer.

total repair time: 1 hour

these so called “computer repair miracles” happen very often at, because we are dedicated to saving your time (and ours too) by doing things immediately, without putting them off or involving bureaucracy into things that are simple.

Result: very happy customer!

if you are in los angeles or chicago, and you need your computer fixed quick. don’t go to geek squad or any other place, but call us at 877-938-8777 and only if you want superb quality computer repair service