Sony pcg-3c2l fan trouble Client brought this hot pink Sony Vaio pcg-3c2L laptop because her fan was making a loud noise. It was also previously repaired by another technician, who kept fixing it and fixing it, I think she said he did it 3 times. Finally when she was fed up, she brought it to us and she insisted I open it in front of her so she can see what is wrong with the fan, because she was fed up taking it to some computer repair shop multiple times.

As we opened this sony vaio pcg-3c2L laptop, we found immediately the cpu fan was damaged. It was in fact a very simply designed cpu fan, probably made in china. It was kind of working, but also messed up beyond repair. The plastic structure of it was loose and there was nothing you could really do to fix it. So we decided to simply replace it.

3 Days later the new cpu fan arrived in the mail from our computer suppliers and it was installed successfully. Now computer works perfectly without any noises and overheating.

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