vgn-nw150j sony vaio hard drive This Sony Vaio Vgn nw150j laptop with 4GB of RAM, intel i3 processor, 320GB hard drive, windows 7 64-bit operating system is definitely not a bad toy to have around the house.

until something weird started happening. The customer was in complete confusion, because as he claims laptop was starting to act strange, becoming slow at some points and it wouldn’t let him restore the operating system.

it looked completely bizarre to the untrained eye. but not the the professionals like us.

After running some tests, we couldn’t still diagnose the problem 100% because the software was showing all components were running perfectly. But if you can trick the software, it doesn’t mean you can trick the human mind. After starting to rewrite operating system on this sony vaio vgn-nw150j laptop, our technician has noticed right away, that it takes slightly longer to go through first couple of screens of the menu. Which was totally intuitive and he couldn’t explain it, but he just somehow knew it.

That forced us to run some more intensive tests and we quickly determined that the hard drive in this laptop was not functioning properly. it had too many bad sectors and was not writing properly.

So the customer just ran to fry’s electronics, which is literally 5 minutes away from us, picked up a new hard drive and was out on his way with a smoothly running machine in hand! congratulations! he also left us a great review on his name is Jacy check it out by clicking this link. Thanks Jacy for the kind words and your business!

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