Desktop Computer Repair

Welcome to Desktop Computer Repair at Overnight Pc Repair

At Overnight Pc Repair Your Desktop Pc is fixed fastest that anywhere else! No more wasting time! forget geek squad and other repair shops who are lazy and take dayyyssss to fix your computer. This kind of laziness and incompetence is not tolerated here! Because Your time is a very valuable thing for us. We respect it and act accordingly!

Computer Component Replacement (Replacement of faulty physical parts of the computer, that prevent computers normal function. Requires purchase of new components. some time may take longer to complete due to parts availability, may have to special order).

Upgrades ( Computer hardware component upgrades to increase speed, memory, hard drive space, video or sound capabilities to meet your needs):

Hard Drive upgrades or Replacement (increase storage memory)

Motherboard Replacement ( upgrade or replace a non-working desktop computer motherboard. replacement and reinstallation of all component)

Power Supply Cleaning and Replacement (if your computer doesn’t turn on, there is a good chance that your PSU or power supply unit has stopped functioning. In desktop computers it happens quite often. Just like laptop fan needs to be clean, desktops power supply unit must also be cleaned of dust regularly.

Windows Installation and repair – Operating system is not meant to last long time. sometimes it crashes and your computer doesn’t start. Sometimes the only way to fix it is to reinstall windows or at least repair it.

– Other: Dvd Drive Replacement or Upgrade, Usb 3.0 card installation, Graphics card installation, etc

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