Case Study/Rave

This week I had a customer who recently moved to Los Angeles and during the move his Dell desktop pc got shaken up and somehow damaged. After several tests we diagnosed it was a motherboard that needed replaced. Something must have cracked or damaged because of the bumpy ride on the moving truck. Nonetheless Miami is about 2500 miles away, so the ride might get a little jumpy here and there šŸ™‚

Long story short, we bought a new motherboard MSI-G41M it was – a nice little size motherboard fits DDR3 ram 8gb max with a 775 socket. we went to put it in. and guess what?!

Well, apparently to my big, surprise, Dell has started making computer cases, where you are not able to replace I/O panel in the back. I/O panel is a little metal plate, where you have all your connectors in the back – speakers, monitor, LAN, etc.

It means they don’t want you replacing their faulty motherboard, with the one you buy perhaps a little cheaper at or any other retailer that sells motherboards. They want you to call them and order a Dell motherboard from them and then replace it.

We solved this problem by cutting the case out – completely custom- installing the new board and making computer run like clockwork.

total repair time – under 24 hours – with home delivery to customer.

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