lenovo SL400 Dc jack and bottom case You want to know what happens when you damage dc jack on the laptop? Well, it stops giving power to the pc and it stops working. And do you want to know what happens when you wiggle it for a while with adapter plug and still try to make it work? Simple too: You run into much more problems.

Like this case of IBM Lenovo SL400 where dc jack was broken. We ordered the jack, it came in in couple of days. We proceed to install and no luck, because the brackets in the bottom case, where dc jack is supposed to rest tightly were broken.

Client did not want invest any more money into repair, so he said lets just leave it dangling. However it was only temporary solution and we went ahead and ordered the bottom case as well.

The only bad part was there weren’t any bottom base covers available in the USA (for decent price) So we had to ship it from the motherland of plastic – China! 🙂 It took about ten days to get that. Which is not too bad really.

Lesson here is simple. if you suspect your laptop dc jack is damaged don’t damage it any further. bring it to overnight pc repair and get it fixed you will save in the long run and prevent further complications.

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