hp g60 video cable failureHere is an after picture of already replaced video cable for Hp G60 laptop. Which was brought in by a client because his laptop screen would start flickering when the lid was opened. However only in certain positions. If you moved it a bit lower or higher the flickering would stop.

As anyone (who has some common sense) would guess, the problem was physical. because the flickering would change when you actually moved the lid up or down a bit. And to confirm that the client even tested the laptop video output socket by connecting an external monitor to it. To see if it wasn’t a video chip failure. The test proved to be positive and external monitor was showing clear picture with no disturbances.

Therefore we went ahead and diagnosed it was a physically damaged cable and we soon realized why. When we took  this HP g60 laptop apart and noticed how it was designed, it was clear why the cable got damaged. The video cable which connect to the mother board and later connects to the inverter and the screen, by design had to by pass the left hinge which opens computer lid up and down. And bypassing the hinge it was literally rubbing against the hinge (since day one) every time the lid was closed or opened. So with time, even the protective rubber around the cable couldnt help preserve the actual wires inside it. they simply wore down and created a breakage.

this was a cool job but required to take half of the laptop apart just to change this little cable! 🙂 good job HP designers!

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