Dell Inspiron 1545 damaged screen This is a before picture of the Dell Inspiron 1545 screen right after a client brought it in. Apparently her 2 year old daughter has stepped on it accidentally and cracked it pretty well as you can see 🙂

So these type of things happen very often and we do replace a lot of screens here on site! it usually takes about 3 days to receive  a screen because they must be shipped in from some other part of the country. I dont have any local suppliers here in los angeles. and if they are I can still get better price from somewhere else that way bringing computer repair cost down for you.


LCD screens can’t really be fixed.because of the way they are built. So the easiest way is to simply replace them. This is what constitutes fixing LCD screen on a laptop. LCD screen prices vary by the size, model, resolution and type of screen therefore please call us to get a price to replace your lcd screen on your laptop.

dell inspiron 1545 screen fixedhere is an after picture of the replaced screen and touch pad buttons on this particular laptop! looking sharp!

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