hp dv5 palmrest replacementAs You can see this hp dv5 laptop was having some major issues with the video cable, hence all those pretty lines on the right of the screen. The reason we knew it was video cable is whenever we would open or close the laptop lid the lines would change or vanish completely. This occurs because many laptops (actually almost all of them) have video cable running through one of the hinges for the laptop lid. and in some cases the cable is not seated properly and its wear and tear sort of speeds up if it rubs all the time against the hinge. So it gets frayed and that means little wires inside the cable get broken and they don’t transmit signal through them and you get all sorts of lines or flickering on your laptop screen just like this hp dv5 had.

In this hp dv5 case however the cable was damaged because one side of the laptop was physically damaged. Left hinge was sort of not even working at all it was hanging in the air, because the place where it attached to the case was ripped out due to some accident. so we had to replace the whole palmrest, because on this model laptop it was also holding the hinges. So long story short after we replaced cable and the palm rest laptop looked and functioned properly. and our customer was very happy!

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