Toshiba A305 Video CableThis Toshiba Satellite A305 apparently had a bad video cable, because every other time one closed its lid there would be a sound as if a new device was plugged in to this computer. Its quite seldom this happens, but it does.

Pretty much all video cables in all laptops inevitably must connect motherboard with the screen somehow. So pretty much everyone runs the cable from board to screen through the hinge area of the laptop. What this means is everytime you open or close the lid on the laptop it sort of rubs the cable at that spot near the hinge. So sometimes the cable gets rubbed the way where it actually gets a bit damaged. And this is what happened to this Toshiba satellite A305 laptop.

After Cable was replaced, computer still was shutting off after few minutes of operation. That was another mystery to be solved. Apparently its cooling fan was also stuck and wasn’t spinning. but couple of sprays of compressed air solved this problem immediately and things got back to normal. Hooray!

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