acer 5253 dc jackThis Acer 5253 laptop has been dropped from the desk onto its side, where the charger plugs in. If you ask me, it is quite an usual scenario. Aftermath is simple: bottom case of laptop cracked, dc jack damaged, hinge is flapping around, laptop not charging, but fortunately turns on.

the client emailed us ahead of time with this description of the events. The only diagnosis we did, was from her email and we guessed it was a bad dc jack, since they break pretty easily, when being tampered with. So we ordered a jack ahead of time. When it came in, customer brought us the acer 5253 laptop to get jack replaced.

upon seeing the laptop we noticed there was a big crack on the side of it, and one hinge was feeling very loose. When we opened it, it was clear that the damage was serious. The corner of the bottom case was damaged. The hinge was no longer attached to the bottom case either, the bracket where dc jack sit was completely twisted and crooked, one corner of the heatsink was smashed. it didnt look good 🙂

we installed dc jack, and customer was happy on their way. we suggested to change bottom case and customer said she would look into it. So lesson here – careful not to drop your laptop on any corner you might like what happens to it afterwards!

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