Frys GQ ZX 7750 hard drive replacement  This Frys Electronics built gq zx-7750 laptop was brought it with an operating system crash. It had windows xp on it and on every reboot it would go to a safe mode window where chosen any option whether – safe mode, safe mode with networking, safe mode with command prompt or start windows normally would not work. it would restart and do exactly the same thing over and over.

there are many reasons this happens. the most surface reason this may happen is because of little hard disk errors in the boot record or in the file system itself. they can be fixed with chkdsk or with few boot record fix commands.

Windows xp also tends to crash more heavily due to registry problems and in that case it can be repaired or reinstalled completely.

In the worst case scenario, so to speak, windows in all cases crashes, when the hard drive starts getting bad sectors or crashes completely and system files needed to run windows can not be read from it. It is same like having a scratched cd and when you listen to the music the song skips. of course for our human hearing sense it is not very important, although it may be annoying, but in computers case, it is missing some important data. In this case data that is needed to start and run windows operating system. therefore it crashes.

The solution for this problem is to replace the hard drive and restore operating system. voila.

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