Dell 580s, Core i3 540 processor socket 1156, 4GB of ram, windows 7 home premium, 320GB HDD.

This computer acted very very strangely. No keyboard was working on it to access the BIOS setup or hit any key during the bootup process. When started however computer would freeze and not do anything.

This is the second Dell for me within a month that needed motherboard swap. I don’t know what it is, but newer Dell desktops are getting these strange motherboard issues all of the 580s motherboard

I picked up a nice MSI motherboard for it with 4 DDR3 RAM slots, installed it and computer started up nicely. Windows 7 Home premium was reinstalled without any trouble, data was transferred successfully.

Also, one of my previous posts in blog about other Dell computer we repaired, I mentioned about the front panel connector issue with Non-Dell motherboards. The reason being – Dell wants you to use their own motheboards with their computer cases. so the front panel on/off switch for the motherboard has a connector with 9 female pins (usually) and their layout doesn’t match the panel connector on the motherboard. So the way I resolved it. I plugged it in, sideways. to match the power on/off switch pins on the motherboard. it works 🙂

On third party cases, connectors on the front panel are usually loose. i.e. they all are separate different color wires with a separate connector for each. Instead of one connector with 6-9 wires.

Either way, repair was a success! Computer works like a charm! The only upgrade it might need is a after market CPU sink, because original is a bit to small and it makes fan go super fast and crazy. If it was my computer it would definitely drive me crazy.

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