dell_studio_xps_1340-400-400Dell Xps 1340 laptop is a pretty nice machine with a slick design, which includes some leather, supports up to 8GB of ddr3 RAM, has HDMI output and is pretty small in size featuring 13.3 inch screen. Its a really cool machine, however if you read reviews about this dell xps 1340 you will find couple of things things wrong with it. First it has short battery life and second more important is that it runs a little hot pretty much all the time.

I’m not going to comment about the battery life I haven’t used the laptop long enough. it comes with 6 cell battery life and perhaps doesn’t have long life to it.  I do however want to discuss the other issue. the laptop running a little hot.

First I have to say it is true. I noticed it right away and I also saw why that is. for the bigger part due to poor design by dell. See, when you open a laptop lid and tilt the screen back as you would on any laptop in order to use it. The laptop lid goes over the fan opening and sort of covers it pretty much all the way. So when the fan blows the hot air is coming out but hits the lid and which sort of prevents it to go out into the atmosphere. So that’s number one thing that is wrong and unfortunately there is not much you can do about it.

Second thing is the other opening for the fan and this one is on the bottom. This is the opening where the air gets sucked in by the fan. you can see it if you flip laptop upside down. So naturally you want this opening as clear as possible on all of the laptops. So cool air is sucked in properly. my best recommendation to any person with any laptop to keep this opening clear at all times and also clean it with dust cleaner every so often so there is no dust in that pathway – the more cool air the better.

But for this laptop there is one more thing you can do. If you look closely inside the little holes in the opening at the bottom. you will see a little film that looks like a net. That net looking thing can be removed and that allows the better pathway for the cool air to come in. Its done very simply. flip laptop upside down, remove several screws on the back cover. Open back cover and remove the film from the opening. its pretty simple and takes a little phillips screw driver and about 3 minutes of your time.

I did that for our laptop and  it made things much cooler and it doesn’t heat up as much as it used to. So here you go its a little thing but once you do it it makes difference and your xps 1340 will by running much smoother! Enjoy and you’re welcome!

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