dell n5010 hard drive disassemblyWe have already written a post about Dell being sneaky about how they do business. But this time it is really getting overboard! In fact for you- their customer. not for us – computer repair shop!

This case of Dell Inspiron N5010 proves it just as well. So check it out!

Customer brought this computer in, because her hard drive failed working. She ran internal computer diagnostic, found errors on hard drive, backed up her information and was looking for a way to replace the hard drive on this dell inspiron n5010. She found some info and quickly decided it was too difficult to accomplish for her so she called us.

It appeared, after we got our hands into it, it wasn’t so easy for us either. We even got the actual Dell inspiron N5010 maintenance guide, which we would have it here on the site, but we won’t, because it’s completely useless! It is actually misleading in how the hard drive must be replaced and is written to avoid mentioning important steps required to get this hard drive replaced on it.

Our only guess why that is- Dell, which used to be very user friendly is doing this to keep you as a customer attached to them. So when something breaks you can’t fix it yourself and you must send it to them. So they can charge you and profit from you. Now this is all comes down to ethics I guess and being a marketer myself I can see this being a great tool for customer retention, but I don’t think people are too happy about it. Because its simply too obvious of a technique and customers see it as a tool to manipulate them not to improve their lives and bring them value. inspiron n5010 keyboard As we were following their instructions. We have damaged a key on the keyboard and it must be replaced. it was our fault and we paid for it. and it was great learning experience on how Dell does business nowadays!

So if you attempt this, be careful. This keyboard is glued on to the frame with 3 double sided tapes. There is one screw at the bottom holding it, and when you take it out, you must literally part the keyboard from the case with quite some force to rip it from the glue. be careful not to damage the keyboard and the keys. use tools and use care 🙂

Either way, inspiron n5010 seems like a nice dell laptop. Apart from having to replace a hard drive you must take half of the computer apart. if the task seems to be too difficult, call overnight pc repair at 877-938-8777 and we will help you do it! we currently service computers in Chicago and Los Angeles.