Dell e1505 hard drive cloning  This Dell e1505 laptop was brought in with a very unique problem. Customer who brought it in, was quite computer savvy and has done some basic tuning and repairs himself all his life, however this problem he ran into was a little over the top for him.

Dell e1505 laptop in his original state came with 1GB of RAM and 120GB hard drive. In todays day and age 120GB is not so a lot anymore. it got filled almost full, when he decided he wanted to do an upgrade.

So he went and got himself a bigger hard drive – 320 GB made by western digital. he also downloaded a trial version of Acronis true home 2012 edition and proceeded to clone his smaller 120GB hard drive onto a bigger -320GB WD. in today’s day and age everything is self explanatory. you click button, select hard disks, click next and the hard drive is copied over. He then put the bigger hard drive into his laptop, laptop booted nicely, windows xp loaded and everything worked fine! Except of one little thing. his 320GB hard drive, has become 120GB hard drive and there was no allocated space to be found. it has literally shrunk as if it was a 120GB and there is nothing you can do to change it. because every operating system and I tried, linux, windows, mac OS. They did not “see” that hard drive was 320GB anymore. they only see it as 120GB.

this is when he decided to bring his laptop to the masters. and by masters I mean Overnight pc repair – fastest quality computer repair in Los Angeles area. we are currently serving you at two locations at 22641 ventura bl. Woodland hills, ca 91364 and 1450 2nd st. #127 Santa Monica, CA 90404 call us at 877-938-8777 with any computer trouble